Anadrol log

Stanozolol has been used by athletes for decades, especially by sprinters. This steroid has been known for giving sprinters more speed as well as allowing them to train harder and for longer due to quicker recovery from using Winstrol. A famous case known by many people is the sprinter Ben Johnson who broke the 100m world record, he tested positive for Winstrol and had his record removed. Football players as well as basket players have been known to use Stanozolol. Athletes looking for speed and strength as well as faster recovery often opt for Winstrol as its out of the body fast and so there is lower risk of being tested positive for Anabolic Steroids and also because the weight gains associated with Winstrol are not to high which is another benefit. Athletes such as sprinters need to be muscular and lean for achieve good speeds, if a sprinter gained 20lbs from a Ster0id cycle he would not be fast enough.

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When Palermo was arrested on on September 9, 2015, investigators seized approximately 600 empyt glass vials; approximately 250 vials of injectable steroids ; grams of raw steroid powder; over 6,000 steroids tablets; 61 vials of suspected hGH ; about 2000 syringes;  glass beakers; hot plate; a digital scale; a five gallon jug of cottonseed oil; labels bearing the Genesis Pharmaceuticals name; more than 2000 tablets from the class of drugs known as selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs); 1,000 tadalafil tablets ( Cialis ); and approximately $9000 in cash.

Anadrol log

anadrol log


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