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Every person/firm/company engaged in export business in India should obtain Importer-Exporter Code Number from the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) as required under the Export and Import Policy. The Head/Registered office as well as its branches in India should invariably cite the number so allotted by DGFT on GR, PP or VP/COD forms as also SOFTEX form used for declaration of exports. Customs/Post Office/Department of Electronics will not entertain any export forms which do not bear the Importer-Exporter Code Number issued by DGFT.


requesting what products you want to order.

We will confirm your order and give you a total amount and payment instruction.
Payment methods:
Money Gram, VVestern Union or cash in the mail (ONLY RETURNING CUSTOMERS)

The total amount will be verified and you will be given the current payment info.
This changes from time to time for obvious reasons, so please always follow this procedure and DO NOT send funds without first making the proper address/info inquiries.

Once funds arrive or are collected, you will be notified of receipt. Funds pick up confirmation email will be sent in no later then 2 days.
Please refrain from sending multiple e-mails asking if your order has been sent yet, or how much longer before it will be sent, etc.
Please wait patiently for your e-mail replies and allow 24 hrs before e-mailing a second time.

T/A time for international order is 14 - 21 days /10 days on average/.
T/A time for domestic is 3 - 7 days / 5 days on average/.

International orders are shipped in less then 24 hours after funds collected. Domestic orders are shipped in less then 3 days after funds collected.

100% re-shipping policy on any seized order, needed proof of seizure.

Ketoprofen is used in dogs and cats for the short-term management of post surgical pain. On occasion it may be used for the longer-term management of chronic pain particularly due to osteoarthritis. About 20% of adult dogs are affected with osteoarthritis, which makes management of musculoskeletal pain a major component of companion animal practice. There is a very narrow margin of safety for all NSAIDs in the dog and there are other NSAIDs that are used more commonly (etodolac and Rimadyl®). GI-protectant drugs such as misprostol, cimetidine, omeprazole, ranitidine or sucralfate frequently are included as a part of treatment with any NSAID.

Ilium stanozolol

ilium stanozolol


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