Is tren the worst steroid

Even though you will be supplementing with testosterone as your natural production will have been suppressed your testicles will atrophy with Trenbolone use. This atrophy occurs due to the fact of no testosterone being made and it will cause the testicles to lose some of their fullness. This is however a very temporary effect as the testicles will return to their normal size once use has been discontinued. Once use of all anabolic steroids ends your body will begin producing its own testosterone again and as it does your testicles will regain their normal level of fullness.

ive ran deca upto 600mg ew and tren upto 700mg ew and got to say strength total muscle gain and change in body comp tren wins every time, ime 400mg tren e blows 600mg deca away but apart from the bloat deca has next to no sides for me were as tren.. im running pro chem tri tren at the min and getting sick of waking up every couple of hours to dry myself down and change the sheets and pillow cases, running out of breath walking the dog and being a moody grumpy mofo but after being on for 4 weeks im watching my body change daily and strength increase every work outthe side dont seem to matter any more..

Is tren the worst steroid

is tren the worst steroid


is tren the worst steroidis tren the worst steroidis tren the worst steroidis tren the worst steroidis tren the worst steroid