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The Mitchell Report also stated that interviews were requested of five MLB players who had spoken out publicly on the steroid issue. Of these players, only one, Frank Thomas , was willing to be interviewed. The Mitchell Report stated that there was no evidence that any of these five had used performance-enhancing drugs. Curt Schilling , one of the four players who declined to interview with Mitchell, explained that he denied Mitchell's request because he "would have nothing to offer" Mitchell's investigation "other than personal opinion and hypotheticals." [6]

With the high expectations of some sports programs, athletes will sometimes turn to steroids to quickly gain an edge in their sport. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids website states that about one in 20 teenagers have used steroids to increase their muscle mass. A study of 2800 students found that most of the students had engaged in at least one muscle-building activity in the previous year. Up to one-third used what researchers considered unhealthy ways to increase their muscle mass, such as taking steroids or other muscle-building substances, or drinking too many protein shakes or engaging in excessive weight-lifting.

Purchase winstrol v for horses

purchase winstrol v for horses


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