Pure test cycle

There’s no denying that the Britten is a stiffly-sprung motorcycle, but that stiffness equates to a motorcycle as rideable than something like a race-prepped Supersport 600 machine, to which the Britten feels almost equal in terms of weight but not dimensions, which are somewhat larger. The rear suspension in particular floats over bumps as if they weren’t there. The front is similarly planted, but will send a bit more of a shock through to the rider that almost gets cancelled out by the rear suspension setup. Again, the minuscule unsprung weight comes to the fore here, but it’s particularly noticeable when fast direction changes are required, such as those leaving the penultimate turn and entering Broadford’s final turn. Two things stand out here. One—the line changeability when in the middle of the corner and, two—the speed at which it goes from full lean one side to full lean on the other.

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With the small flexible plastic tubing used for undersink filters and reverse osmosis units it is important to know that what is called 1/4″ tubing is measured by its outside diameter.  With 1/4″ tubing, the inside diameter, the path that the water flows through is actually about 1/8″. What we call 3/8″ tubing is roughly 1/4″ inside diameter, so following the rule of thumb of pipe flow, a 3/8″ OD tube will actually carry four times the water flow as compared with the 1/4″ OD tube.  This is a very important fact to keep in mind if you’re planning to send water from your RO unit across the room to an icemaker or refrigerator. Especially if your run is long, you’ll have a much better result with 3/8″ tubing than with 1/4″.

Pure test cycle

pure test cycle


pure test cyclepure test cyclepure test cyclepure test cyclepure test cycle