Super trenbolone 200

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If anyone is considering ordering or trying Quad out- honestly, it sucks that he had a bad, yet extremely Brief, period but every one has a life, and shit does happpen. Take into consideration that all his reviews prior to that all pretty much Gold and the dude has been in the top 3 Domestic for what- at least two years now? Also, let’s be realistic here— This isn’t pharacom or Naps with like a million enployees + reps, dude is flyin’ solo and still managing to be an extremely effective one-man-team.
Quad seems back and it from his latest feedback, and just as fast as the speed I remember. Personally, I think that was f’ed up to list his as a scammer, and so quickly too, but w/e, it’s been removed so that is all the matters.

Size: 5 ml, 20 ml, 40 ml, 100 ml Type: Oily injectable solutionDosage: 200 mg/mlActive ingredient: Trenbolone Acetate 100 mg/ml, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 100 mg/mlProduct synonyms: Trenbolone

Tren­bolone acetate is a man-made steroid, sim­i­lar to the nat­u­rally occur­ring steroid testos­terone. Tren­bolone acetate is used to pro­mote weight gain fol­low­ing exten­sive surgery, chronic infec­tion, or severe trauma, and in other cases that result in inad­e­quate weight gain or maintenance.
Tren­bolone acetate is also used to decrease mus­cle loss caused by treat­ment with cor­ti­cos­teroids and to reduce bone pain asso­ci­ated with osteoporosis.

Super trenbolone 200

super trenbolone 200


super trenbolone 200super trenbolone 200super trenbolone 200super trenbolone 200super trenbolone 200