Test prop injection rotation

What we do here is to attempt a connection to the local database (specified by the empty field after 'SQLOLEDB') using "sa" and "<pwd>" as credentials. If the password is correct and the connection is successful, the query is executed, making the DB wait for 5 seconds (and also returning a value, since OPENROWSET expects at least one column). Fetching the candidate passwords from a wordlist and measuring the time needed for each connection, we can attempt to guess the correct password. In "Data-mining with SQL Injection and Inference", David Litchfield pushes this technique even further, by injecting a piece of code in order to bruteforce the sysadmin password using the CPU resources of the DB Server itself.

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Test prop injection rotation

test prop injection rotation


test prop injection rotationtest prop injection rotationtest prop injection rotationtest prop injection rotationtest prop injection rotation