Test prop keto

This is only observational evidence. Nevertheless, experimental studies with animals underline the dangers of ketogenic and other low carb diets:
“C57BL/6J mice were fed with a HF diet (60% kcal/fat) or control diets (15% kcal/fat) for 27 months. One-half of the mice on the HF diet developed obesity (diet-induced obese (DIO) mice), whereas the remaining mice were diet resistant (DR). At 8 months of age, both DIO and DR groups had increased hyperglycemic response during a glucose tolerance test, which was normalized in 16-month-old mice. At this latter time point, all groups presented similar performance in cognitive tests (Morris water maze and inhibitory avoidance). The survival curves of the HF and control diet groups started to diverge at 15 months of age and, after 27 months, the survival rate of mice in the DIO and DR groups was 40%, whereas in the control diet group it was 75%.”

First when talking about steroid doses don't talk about them in mls, always mgs. tren a is usually taken a minimum of 50mg per day. If you think you can pin it one a week you need to do wayyy more research. You can get away with eod but ed is the standard. You can pin it right along with test. So daily do 50mg (or 100mg eod if you have to). Then 2 of those pins a week do with the test in the same syringe. Also if you are going to get blood tests monthly tren won't work. Even if you can make it two months it's tough. Most don't do tren less than 6 weeks and it shows up as estrogen in a blood test which will send huge red flags to a doctor. Not sure how long it takes to clear but you would want at least a couple weeks off I'd guess.

Test prop keto

test prop keto


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