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As we have repeatedly posted, Prop. 64 does not interfere with medical rights for patients, see: http:///c/politics/2016/08/prop-215-rights-not-affected... They may still possess and grow what they need for their medical use, subject to local zoning regulations. Medical patients with the state ID card are now exempt from state sales tax; in 2018 they will have to pay the 15% state excise tax plus the $ per ounce tax, see: http:///news/Tax_Fee_Changes_for_Medical_Marijuana_Patien... We'd like to get that reduced for patients and small businesses, and increase access for patients overall. Join Cal NORML and help us! https:///market/california-norml

For a completely ASSEMBLED ark ready to gold plate, guild or paint, the price is $4,000 (this is delivered in a raw, white surface)   This represents over 100 hrs of work.  When you factor in the cost of the kit, the labor hours work out to be about $ an hour.  

FINISHED AND PAINTED GOLD ARK  $4,500 (this includes an automotive quality paint job in quadruble lacquered paint finish.  

A GOLD PLATED ARK  (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE) This is achieved through a state of the art goldchrome technique. The finish is absolutely astounding!  This price is this high due to the extremely high cost of the gold plating.  A gold plated ark is EXTREMELY RARE.  There are less than 10 in the world.

Under Proposition 215 and the Conant injunction, a physician can freely and openly discuss the medical use of cannabis with a patient. Should the physician believe that such use is appropriate treatment or beneficial to the patient's health, the physician may recommend or approve the use of medicinal cannabis and should note such in the patient's medical records. When a patient requests a copy of their medical records, the physician may safely provide the copy. Should a patient ask his or her physician to testify in court regarding the recommendation or approval, the physician can safely do so without fear of government reprisal.

Test prop recommended dosage

test prop recommended dosage


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