Testosterone prop libido

What is Testosterone Propionate ? – Testosterone Propionate is a single-estered compound which is actually the shortest estered testosterone steroid currently in existence. This compound is injectable and it provides a much slower release rate than testosterone which is un-estered. Despite this however, it provides a quicker rate than the other forms of testosterone which have been esterfied. Like all things, there are pros and cons associated with the fact that this steroid provides such a short-acting ester. One of the major downsides and drawbacks is the fact that it has to be injected frequently, and should be injected a minimum of every other day, though many users instead opt to inject it every day. As each vial contains less ester, that does make the steroid more potent because it means that there is more testosterone available. With the addition of the propionate ester, the half life of the testosterone expands to around days.

Been running noble labs test prop at 125mg EOD and 50mg of winny ED and I've done 5 injections so far so I've been on 9 days. Pumps in the gym are getting better, more stamina, more aggression, slightly more sensitive nips and I'm pretty sure my balls are starting to shrink/ache, but I haven't had the massive bump in sex drive I was expecting. How long is this supposed to take to happen? Slightly scared I've got deca or something, but noble's got a pretty good rep around here. If anything my sex drive may have gone down a little, but I think that's because I was running adex at eod and have since reduced it to eod.

Testosterone prop libido

testosterone prop libido


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