Trent 100

LessorCare enables lessors to swiftly call upon Rolls-Royce maintenance and/or availability services, normally, but not exclusively, when the aircraft is between operators. Technical data and advice is available to lessors whenever they need it and a wide range of asset management services are available which help lessors to reap the maximum return from their engine investments. A key part of LessorCare is the creation of a dedicated aircraft transitions team within Rolls-Royce who use their market and engine knowledge to proactively and reactively assist with the smooth exit of aircraft from one operator and its placement and service entry with its next operator. LessorCare also helps lessors to maximise the terminal asset value of their engine inventory when they decide to finally withdraw them from service.

The route when it splits takes riders into Lincoln to take in the sights and hills. We manage to find 24 miles of climbs for this route before returning to Gainsborough with a total of 1600ft of climbing over the whole route. We hope you enjoy this one. Short Route - 25 Miles The new short route, is designed to be accessible for everyone, it is clearly marked and has all of the support you would expect from a Sportive HQ event. Event Jerseys You can order a Trent Valley 100 jersey online and it will be delivered one week before the event!

Trent 100

trent 100


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