What does tren e look like

Well this is suppose to be Tren E not Acetate. It's a yellowish green color. talked with the supplier who has zero negative feedbacks I can find and supplier says its good to go and that's the color of their Tren E. Been on it a week now with their Prop and I have the worst acid reflux ever. That alone tells me it's probably fire. I should be swweating like a full retard in a week or two. Can't wait. I know it's not acetate because that gives me that chemical/alcohol taste in my mouth after I inject. Enanthate does not. Thaknks for all your reolys tho.

In summary, whichever form of tren you use, be cautious of the product and individual. Some legit brands are: Quality Vet, Denkall, and the most recent thus far Animal Power veterinary brands. They all currently make very good and pure versions of trenbolone (you will have to look but you can find various esters available also). Novice dosage is around 2-3cc's a week for a total of 150-225mg/week. Upper level advanced and very seasoned users may use upwards of 4-5cc's a week. If you were my family member, I would tell you to not use more than 3cc/week and not to stay on any form of tren for longer than 12 weeks (three month cycle).

What does tren e look like

what does tren e look like


what does tren e look likewhat does tren e look likewhat does tren e look likewhat does tren e look likewhat does tren e look like